GEAR TEST: RJ Lens Turbo Sharpness and Color Charts

My real world shoot left me impressed with the RJ Lens Turbo, but I decided to shoot some charts just to satisfy my inner nerd.

The first gallery is made-up of full-frame stills from 1080P video mode. The first shot is with the Lens Turbo. The second shot is in the same position with the same exposure as the first. The third is without, re-framed and exposure changed to match.¬†Clearly, edge-to-edge sharpness just isn’t a factor for 1080P video.

The second gallery showcases 1:1 crops from still photo mode (RAW.) Note that there is a very slight softening in the corners with the Lens Turbo, as well as a bit of extra chromatic aberration. The color shift is also minor…I have high quality ND filters that exhibit more of a color cast.

Because you must refocus between any change to the adapters (even if not moving the camera to reframe) it is impossible to completely take the human element out of this comparison.
The chart was printed at a relatively low resolution at Walgreens, so it is only useful for comparison within these shots, not against any other camera or test. Sorry for the glare, I was in a hurry and the chart was printed on semi-gloss paper.

Click here for samples from a real world shoot.

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