Sony announces A7S. How does it compare to Panasonic GH4?

A quick glance at the specs seems to indicate that the Sony A7S may be the better choice if shooting in ultra-low-light is a requirement, otherwise the Panasonic Lumix GH4 seems to be the better all around camera. Of note:

  • The A7S requires an external recorder for 4k, the GH4 can internally record 4k to SD cards.
  • Even then, the output is 8bit and interlaced vs. the GH4’s progressive 10bit. (Better for color correction.)
  • A7s doesn’t offer true DVI 4k, rather it captures and records UHD.
  • A7s 1080P is limited to 50mbps. GH4 can record 1080P at up to a whopping 200mbps.
  • A7S slow motion (120fps) is limited to 720P. GH4 slow motion (96fps) is at full 1080P.
  • A7s’ E-Mount has fewer native lens choices compared to the GH4’s MFT mount. MFT is also more adaptable.
  • A7s promises an XLR breakout box in the future. GH4 interface unit offers both XLR inputs and SDI outputs.
  • A7s utilizes lower resolution viewfinder and fixed LCD monitor. GH4 offers higher resolution on both, and GH4’s monitor is OLED and adjustable.

Get the full details from Sony.

Article Name
Sony announces A7S. How does it compare to Panasonic GH4?
Can Sony's new full frame entry dethrone Panasonic's 4k entry before either even hit the market?

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