Comparing the complete set of Rokinon cine-style lenses at 4K

I wanted to see how the various members of my recently acquired lens kit would compare with each other. Specifically, I wanted to be aware of the different FOV’s and relative sharpness before going on set. I was also hoping that color rendition and exposure would be consistent. How did they fare? Let’s see.

8mm, T48mm

14mm, T414mm

24mm, T424mm

35mm, T435mm


From top left: 8mm, 14mm, 24mm, 35mm, 85mm. All apertures @ T4.

Note that I think I botched the focus on the 8mm, but by the time I noticed I had already taken down the set-up, so I couldn’t re-shoot. While there is some variation in exposure, I’m overall quite happy with how these lenses match. I’m especially glad that there is no significant color variation to have to match in post. The biggest variation seems to be in the exposure marking of the 8mm, as it is noticeably darker at T4 than its siblings.

Another test I wanted to perform was to compare their sharpness wide open. For this test, I only compared the 24mm, the 35mm and the 85mm as those are the three that reach T1.5.

24mm, T1.524mm

35mm, T1.535mm

85mm, T1.585mm

24mm, T1.524mm

35mm, T1.535mm

85mm, T1.585mm

I was surprised to find the 35mm noticeably sharper than the 24mm wide open. I had originally planned to make the 24mm my “go to” lens, but now I’m going to return it. The FOV isn’t different enough from the 35mm to justify needing them both. I’ll take a few steps back if it means I can get an extra usable exposure stop.

Here’s a comparison of how the 8mm’s fish eye distortion can be cleaned-up when downsampled to 1080P.

8mm T4, 1080P, no correctionno correct

8mm, T4, 1080P, modest correctionmild correction

8mm, T4, 1080P, fisheye removaldefished

Finally, here’s the 35mm downsampled to 1080P with basic color correction applied.

85mm35mm, color correction

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  • DanT
    September 21, 2014 (3:57 pm)

    Rokinon just came out with a DS (Dual Scale) line of cine lenses. The difference between the new DS models and the older cine lenses is that they are more expensive, the scale has been repositioned, they are color matched and the lens gears are repositioned to be consistent across their whole DS lineup. The new 50mm is a DS model. I wonder if the performance of the 24mm DS at t1.5 will be improved over the older model. The older cine lenses are to be discontinued in 2015. I got this info from a post at

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