Saving a bad shoot with aggressive editing

A good friend of mine is VP at a local high school. He asked if I would put together a video to promote their football team and get the school excited about the season. Sounded like fun. We shot the team in the weight room, in practice, and even a real game.

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I didn’t really do so hot. Okay, I sucked. I’m inexperienced shooting this sort of thing. I rushed to sneak the shoots into tight schedules. Give me enough time and I’ll think of several other excuses why I ended-up with very little usable footage. (I literally forgot to hit record on several occasions.)

It’s a tough situation to get into. There’s no opportunity to reshoot, and people are counting on me. What do I do? Hope the edit can cover my ass, that’s what!

On top of everything else I had no time to do the edit. My real job was breathing down my neck and there was only a day before the big game. Awesome. So I went to the well and leaned on tricks and techniques I knew I could whip out in a rush. A few hours later I ended-up with the above.

Given circumstances, I think the finished product is acceptable. Not great, but it does it’s job. I had to remind myself that a mediocre piece that I actually finish has a lot more value to the customer than a piece I never finish because it’s not up to some private standard.

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Oh yeah, Go Panthers!

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