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Testing the sharpness of the Rokinon Cine 85mm with Lens Turbo on the Pansonic GH4

Can the cheap combo of a Rokinon Cine lens and Lens Turbo adapter stand-up to the resolving power of the Panasonic GH4's 4K?

GEAR TEST: RJ Lens Turbo Sharpness and Color Charts

RJ Lens Turbo resolution and color charts for your pixel peeping pleasure.

FILM REVIEW: Oldboy (2013)

It is a fair argument as to whether there was any reason to even attempt a remake to Chan-wook Park's Oldboy, but judged on its own merits, Spike Lee's version is a solid film.

Real World Test: RJ Lens Turbo (Speedbooster clone)

REVIEW: RJ Photo Lens Turbo Canon FD to M43 focal reducer
Old lenses and a new adapter make the trip to the Nashville Zoo. Can a cheap Chinese knock-off compete with the Metabone Speed Booster?